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Lane Financial is an independent SEC registered Broker Dealer focusing on the nexus of the insurance and the capital markets. LFC conducts four main lines of business:

Reinsurance Consultancy: LFC conducts project specific research for a variety of industry leading organisations such as Global Aerospace, Renaissance Re, the World Bank and the Government of Mexico. Projects include assessing the pricing, efficiency and approach of certain underwriting and investment strategies.

Investment Advisory Services: LFC will advise investors in insurance linked securities as to the appropriate level of prices, embedded perils and portfolio composition.

Transactional Business: LFC acts as a broker for private insurance linked transactions. Specifically, these involve single issuers and a small number of investors. Such transactions also often involve innovative structures that respond to particular issuer needs.

Risk Management Services: LFC offers risk management services that are unique in the underwriting world, and unusual in the investment world. Construction of portfolios based on asymmetric-payoff assets or liabilities requires special techniques. LFC, in a joint venture with RisKontol Group GhmB, is able to offer a proprietary system of optimization of underwriting and/or investment portfolios for in-house installation, or for consultancy application.